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Supple Spa Recruit your bestie, boyfriend or even that chick on the street who looks like she could use some stress relief, because this spa, which was recently featured on  MTV dating show Gamekillers, is designed for shared services. Snag one of their five private couples rooms for a Swedish massage, pore-cleansing facial, (usually $65 each). If the thought of chatting about the newest episode of work drama throughout your relaxation session stresses you out, spa offerings can also be enjoyed solo.

New York Magazine's profile — Sarah Walker
 Supple Spa came to be after its founder detected a lack of—and high demand for—day spas for couples. Located steps from Sixth Avenue, the spa's cheerless entrance serves as a vivid contrast to what's inside: Past the hushed and dimly lit reception area, behind paper screens, potted orchids, and live topiaries, is a lineup of private rooms, each with its own romantic theme. The Paris Room, decorated to resemble a Parisian terrace, is set up for side-by-side massages; the Daydream Room offers the same, with a sauna and Then there's the Tokyo Room, or Sunset Room, an Asiatic recess where clients can take in the Royal Bath Massage—a 50-minute Swedish or deep tissue massage, followed by a full body salt scrub, and a soak in a wooden tub filled with hot water, rose petals, and lemons. Other services include waxing, collagen treatments, and deep pore facials using Dermalogica products. Not solely for those with an eye on romance, Supple hosts parties for up to ten people, serving                                                                                                                                                                                            American Spa Magazine
The couples massage at the Supple Spa (New York City) begins with the twosome enjoying champagne in the spa's massage chair which are located in a quite alcove.The pair is then led to a room that is sprinkled with rose petals, and lit by scented candles. The wine awakes the couple and they are allowed to take their time while disrobing and continuing to unwind. When the couple is ready two therapists enter and perform concurrent, side-by-side  Swedish or Deep-tissue massages. "It was packed on Valentine's Day." Says owner Jason.And with June being bridal season, the new couples rooms are sure to stay filled.
Sandra Romani  review of  the Royal  Bath
Best known for its couple’s services and romantic double rooms, Supple Spa offers Royal Baths that can be enjoyed both by singles and duos. A 50-minute Swedish or Deep-Tissue massage gets the circulation moving, dry skin is banished by a thorough
TimeOut New York 2011  
Review of the Pink Rub  — Alison  Zeidman
Technician Jasmine began with a light massage through a body-covering towel to gauge my muscle tension. Next she treated my whole frame to some deep-tissue shiatsu, and then rubbed me down with a pink-colored mineral salt solution to improve my circulation and polish my skin into a noticeably smoother state. After cleaning me off with a hot towel she applied a cool, fragrant pink cream and ended with a scalp massage. Best part: Jasmine deeply stretched my quads during the cream application (bending each of my legs back far enough that I could kick myself in the butt), adding to the invigorating, athletic feeling I got from the whole 70-minute treatment .  When I rose from the table my muscles felt like
they’d just received the same benefits as I’d get from an intense workout—without putting in any sweaty time at the gym. Why it’s worth it: The heated massage table left me warm for the entire wintry walk home and the vigorous kneading kept me relaxed through the next day.

TimeOutNY 2011

Best on a budget: Sunset Room at Supple Spa Although you can head to this relaxation spot for a solo session the five rooms are designed with shared treatments in mind (folding partitions open up to create double rooms). The Sunset Room is one of the largest, most private spaces and although the decor is a bit hokey, with pink lighting , floral decals on the walls and faux flower garlands strung up everywhere, none of this will matter once you’re face down on the massage tables, covered in actual rose petals. Get this: The dimmed lights and candles will help transcend the less-than-desirable surroundings during Supple’s 75-minute couples massage. Make sure you let your technician know if you like a gentler touch, otherwise the pressure during this shiatsu-style rubdown burrows deep into your muscles to work out tough kinks. $139 per couple (normally $164).
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